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Goodbye, CAD. I want my life back.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift that only you can give: break up with your outdated 2D CAD software. You know it's time. Things haven't been going well for years, and neither of you is getting any younger. I recommend taking your CAD out to a public place (to minimize histrionics); gently explain that things aren't working out, that you want to start seeing other programs. Resist the entreaties to xref one last time. Then locate the old installer disks and use them to level a wobbly table. Or burn them. After what you've been through, you deserve a catharsis.

The best way to get over CAD is to watch our hot new videos about using SketchUp Pro—with LayOut—to create a complete set of architectural construction documents. We pointed a camera at architect Nick Sonder and grilled him about his all-SketchUp workflow. There was so much footage that we split up the result into a series of six info-packed videos. Watch 'em while you're hiding from your relatives this month.

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非常好, xref应用于sketchup



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